There are many choices of Digital Marketing strategies to be applied in achieving the goal of attracting an audience on the internet.

Digital Marketing Strategy is implemented based on the Social Media platform that we will increase the engagement rate with audiences. Is it Instagram, TikTok, or a website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one Digital Marketing Strategy method for creating content on a company’s website.

But now, there is another method called SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which, if implemented, will reach a larger audience.

Here is an explanation of the difference between SEO and SEM methods. You can determine which method is the best to apply on your platform.

Digital Marketing Strategy: SEO Copywriting Through Brand Storytelling Technique


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Understanding SEO Copywriting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of optimizing a website or any Social Media platform by focusing on one keyword inside one written content on a website.


One keyword will determine if the platform manages to rank at the front of search engine pages.


Usually, Content Writers use one to three strings of words in one sentence to form keywords. 


These keywords can be a long-tail keyword typed in 3 – 5 words or a short-tail keyword typed in 2 – 3 words.


Below, Bootsol will tell you 3 tips to increase your SEO copywriting rate.

1. Keywords that Fit Brand Storytelling

Before we jump too far in writing our story, we need to decide which keywords define the best interpretation of our brand storytelling.


You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Ubersuggest, or others to generate keywords on Google. You can also check out the rate of keyword difficulty.


The more unique your writing, the more Google notices your writing as high-quality content. For a starter, you can decide if you want your keywords to be long or short.


The longer keywords, the less competition in SEO copywriting. The long-tail phrase can also show the objective of the content. It can allow the audience to see if your brand brings the same value as theirs.


For instance, when the audience is looking for a Social Media content strategy, they can visit Bootsol because Bootsol gives a solution for digital marketing, including Social Media.


Make sure your content is original, and try to tell the best stories and copy for your platform, free of plagiarism.


Just like human beings, we have different experiences, values, and stories, so there is no way brand storytelling has the same brand storytelling. Make your brand alive!


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2. Visually Authentic Content

People like pictures. They love colors. It makes them clearly understand what you’re sharing on your platform.

Can you imagine Social Media without pictures, videos, or infographics? Instead, it’s just a monotonous blank paper with sentences.

Your writing contains with most valuable stories of a brand. People will better understand your brand’s message if there is a visual attachment.

Every content picture should also spark a natural character of your brand, like color palette, font, and brand voice should be consistent.

You can write the alternative text of your image on your website. It can boost your SEO rate, and you can plan great and authentic content for your Social Media, like Instagram..

3. Strong SEO Copywriting will Help Digital Marketing Strategy

Technology with SEO tools determines whether your headline copywriting is attractive enough. 


Several formulas make our headline outstanding and place the rank one on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


You can check your snippet box when you are writing your content. The snippet box includes a headline on SERP, link text, and meta description.


SEO copywriting tool gave you the formula to fill those texts that reached a higher SEO rate.

  • Your headline should contain a positive or negative sentiment word
  • Your headline should contain a power word
  • Use the number on your headline


This headline’s detected by an SEO tool that will appear on SERP. It will be easy if your content is in English and harder for Google to detect in another language.


The headline on SERP should be different from the title on the website page. Make sure your headline on SERP follows all the formulas of the SEO copywriting tool.


Only some people can write a good, attractive, unique, and easy-to-read headline. Then, you must increase your writing skills, widen your vocabulary, and understand grammar.


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Understanding A Brand Storytelling

Frequently, when we read a novel, a fairytale, or watch a movie, there may be some plot that we can’t stop thinking about.


The plot was making us daydream or wonder all day long. 

It was hard not to be dragged into the film’s atmosphere, which brings the idea of what if those story plots are being adapted into a brand?


For example, Dove a brand that sells shampoo and body wash. Its brand’s market target is women.


They sell their products on something other than their digital campaign. Instead, they share a message that resonates deeply in people’s minds. 


Dove’s campaign sparks empathy toward woman’s issues. In addition, their highly emotional message tightens up the emotional connection between customer and brand.


It brings a plot where the protagonist (a brand) can help the audience find a way to fix their problem related to a woman’s issue.

Digital Marketing Strategy: SEO Copywriting Through Brand Storytelling Technique


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What We Need to do Before Deliver Content?

SEO isn’t only about keywords anymore. The technology is getting smarter, Google algorithm can’t be manipulated.

Storytelling is our path to attracting the audience and increasing brand awareness. There are 4 questions to answer before we write SEO content with good brand storytelling technique.

  1. Who’s the target audience?
  2. What are the products/services?
  3. How’s the creative process in packaging the content?
  4. Which platform for the content landing?

The process includes brainstorming and copywriting until releasing it to any platform. But, do not remember maintaining good communication with the clients.

Storytelling needs a storyline, character, courtyard, etc. However, when it comes to digital marketing strategy, all these filming components are adapted to become brand storytelling.

Storytelling inside a brand needs 3 vital components: protagonist, development, and output (ending).


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Protagonist, Development, and Output

The protagonist character inside the story has to be the brand itself. Then as time passes by, this character will develop.


A developed protagonist will change as it follows the story plot as it has to be needed so that the character will improve to become more attractive and away from the monotonous character.


Hopefully, the output reaches the target as expected until the end of the story. In literature science, this output is called a premise.


The premise of digital marketing strategy describes a brand’s values of a company, like a motto or a tagline, as the foundation of brand storytelling.

Digital Marketing Strategy Challenges

The challenge for a Digital Marketer in developing a digital marketing strategy was building engaging brand storytelling with a lead character that everybody falls in love with.


It’s no longer a place where we offer our product. Still, on any Social Media or website platform, we present our masterpiece creation about the story of a company’s brand.


The storyline has to be as real as possible. Without gimmick or manipulation, because people hate hoax information. So everything must be natural but still in a very original concept. 


What the creative thinkers are planning, and how the production team executes the ideas. 


Every delivered content should bring a brand’s message, so it is important to keep communicating with the digital marketing strategy experts team.


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